To enjoy the wonderful home.

Founded in 2008, TREASURE is a furniture enterprise focusing on home furniture. “To provide hereditary high-quality contemporary and artistic furniture to global families” is the original intention for us to establish TREASURE Furniture. Chinese traditional exquisite craftsmanship technology is the perfect combination of designers and carpenters, to create TREASURE collection level of wood artist log furniture. TREASURE is based on the furniture design concept of "more wonderful life", it possesses the dignity of European royal court classical furniture, and the genteelly of Chinese traditional Ming dynasty furniture. By the combination of the essence of European royal classical furniture and the classic elements of Chinese furniture, blending the abstract art into furniture products, and presenting creative aesthetics in daily life, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful home. Art and crafts represent the crystallization of human wisdom, and we will make unremitting efforts to challenge ourselves and create incredible perfection.


Provide high-quality furniture that can be inherited to the world family.
Leading the Chinese furniture industry's quality and craftsmanship.
To become a renown international home brand.


TREASURE furniture is based on the design concept of "more wonderful life", hiring world-class design masters and local elite designers, boldly combining the essence of European royal classical furniture and classic elements of Chinese furniture. Every piece of TREASURE furniture is unique and distinctive, and has to undergo a nearly rigorous sample-making process before production. There were more than 10 proofing to finalize the product at most. From the design, proofreading of the drawings to the start of sample development and production, it also needs to be finally test about 8-12 times of verification. It has fully manifested the core pursuit of TREASURE: Self-discipline and delight others.


Created with craftsmanship, TREASURE pursues fine details and strives for perfection. challenges itself constantly.

Created with craftsmanship, TREASURE pursues fine details and strives for perfection. The exquisite skills of the craftsman is the core-importance of TREASURE. The worker inheriting traditional apprenticeship and the work process consists of 5 people. The skilled craftsman is responsible for the core operation and supervise every single detail, while the apprentice craftsman obey instruction and cooperate.
TREASURE possession of high-quality professional technicians. Based on TREASURE whole set of process, they finish sawing, cutting, milling and tenoning, grinding, primer coat applying, coloring, color modification, finishing coat applying, among 45 procedures step by step strictly according to technical standard of TREASURE by hands, to create the highest quality, uniqueness and artistic appreciation of TREASURE furniture products.
Each edge of TREASURE product has unique arc and perfect curve, which are created by precisely cutting, carving and grinding the whole piece of timber by hands. The components are joined by tenon and mortise, to accomplish the pure quality feeling of timber. When grinding product, craftsmen of TREASURE will fondle the wood, checking grinding effect, to ensure the wood surface to be as smooth as baby skin. Even the invisible place also reflects classics.
Classic TREASURE, create fabulous value.


Selection of high-quality North American black walnut.

Selection of wood is extremely demanding, with only high-grade North American black walnut wood with beautiful texture and uniform color. After the material is selected, it must be subjected to four processes of stacking, store water, steaming and drying, wherein the drying time is up to 1 year. Only through such extremely process can the furniture be made more stable and durable. Generally, the wood lost by a finished product is 5 or 6 times that of the finished product.
TREASURE also requires strict selection of leather, which is selected from Italy imported top grain leather, Germany imported aniline leather. When making a sofa, only the whole piece of cortex on the back of the cow is used. The color and texture of the product are identical. In pursuit of quality does not care about the loss of materials.
Although the processing is complex, we didn’t save the labor. The material is pretty costly, but we never reduced the material resources. Strictly craftsmanship, attention to the detail, rigorous production, and resist cut corners, making TREASURE is not only a more suitable and reliable furniture, but also a piece of art collection which can be passed down to the next generations.

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